Innovative Ecosystem

Innovative Ecosystem

Most globally relevant cities have a sizeable innovative (start-up) ecosystem. These places are attracting highly skilled workers and investors; generating the next wave of economic growth. There are already great initiatives to help nurture Melbourne’s innovative capacity and ecosystem. However, there is a need for continuous improvement and development.

Committee for Melbourne is currently in the process of drawing on leaders in the start-up and biotechnology sector to join the innovative ecosystem taskforce steering committee. The first meeting is expected in late August 2019.

Committee for Melbourne is working with RMIT’s Research and Innovation Portfolio on the Redback Innovation Challenge, which will be held in December 2018.

The Committee has set a challenge question concerning Melbourne’s start-up ecosystem and building innovative capacity, of which groups of post-graduate students will come up with ideas to solve the problem.

This half-day event is capped at 20 students who will work collaboratively to address the challenge question, and then pitch their idea to a panel of industry experts.

Committee for Melbourne is currently working closely with BioMelbourne Network to discuss the challenges faced by the Biotechnology sector. Melbourne has well-developed research credentials in the biotechnology spaces although faces challenges in transition from research to commercialisation. 

In an upcoming event the Committee, in conjunction with BioMelbourne Network, will be seeking to bring together a broad range of individuals who will discuss how to create a culture of commercialisation and how emerging biotechnology companies can raise appropriate capital to kick


Our current work

  • Forming the Innovative ecosystems taskforce
  • Redback Challenge
  • Work with BioMelbourne Network

Past events and projects

  • Taskforce has not yet commenced

How can you get involved?

As a member of the Committee for Melbourne, you can contribute your and your organisation's knowledge and insight into the various taskforces that are addressing the Strategic Needs.

To register your interest to participate in our taskforces, please email our team at

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