Future Focus Group

Future Focus Group Program – shaping Melbourne’s future leaders. A unique opportunity for selected emerging leaders in Melbourne to better understand, connect within and contribute to Melbourne while building their leadership capabilities.

Future Focus Group (FFG), which will now run over 15 months, is a transformational experience for the emerging leaders who participate, with over 400 graduates to date.

Now in its third decade, FFG features an Induction Weekend, group projects in diverse teams, 15 evening workshops and active one-on-one mentoring.  FFG also provides opportunities to build enduring relationships with other participants and alumni.

Participants in the Class of 2019-2020 – the last in a 21 month format – commenced in February 2019, are in three project teams and will graduate in November 2020.  The Class of 2020-2021 commenced in February 2020 – those participants are also in three project teams and they will graduate in June 2021.

Nominations for the 2021-2022 Program will be sought from August 2020, with a start expected in February 2021.

Please contact Future Focus Group General Manager, Matt Gaffney for further information or on how to apply.

What does a typical FFG participant look like?

The typical attributes of a candidate for the Future Focus Group are:

  • 8 to 12 years’ work experience, combined with some management experience
  • An appetite for some independence, initiative and ambiguity during the Program
  • Able to commit to the Program for its duration, including attendance at the Induction Weekend, at 12 or more of the 15 monthly workshops and at Project Team meetings and other interactions
  • A strong interest in making Melbourne a better place
  • Recognised by leaders of the organisation as a likely future leader of that organisation
  • A keen desire to develop leadership skills through a practical learning model in a challenging and diverse team environment

A transformational experience

From big business through to universities and genuine not-for-profits, FFG attracts participants from every sector of the Committee’s membership base. This broad exposure enables participants to develop connections and work with colleagues outside their usual circles, creating a network of professional relationships and friendships that can last a lifetime.

The elements of FFG

A key component of FFG is the group projects that can, by graduation, contribute tangibly and positively to the future economy, infrastructure, urban densification or liveability of Melbourne – the four policy platforms of the Committee – with diverse Project Teams of 6 to 8 members.

A participant’s Project Team experience is complemented by

  • An initial wide-ranging Induction Weekend with a significant focus on potential group projects for each newly-formed Project Team (12 projects will be provided for consideration)
  • 15 Workshops, most commencing with Project Team time – with a mix of guest speakers, Perspectives on Leadership Panels, Project Review Panels and ‘Melbourne Unearthed’ presentations and experiences, complemented by some skill build sessions and Project Team presentations
  • A one-on-one mentoring relationship with a Melburnian with leadership responsibilities outside the participant’s organisation
  • A pair of meetings that the General Manager FFG will schedule with the Nominator of the participant to discuss her or his participation
  • Opportunities to build enduring relationships with other FFG participants and, in time, with members of the FFG Alumni Network

FFG Alumni Network

Future Focus Group Alumni Network of informed leadership inspires graduates to continue making a contribution to our city.

Alumni benefits

  • Invitations to exclusive alumni events and special offers
  • Opportunities to continue making a positive, tangible contribution to Melbourne through ongoing involvement with Future Focus Group, the Committee and members
  • Opportunities to mentor other

Alumni members

Our Future Focus Group alumni graduates include chairs, chief executive officers, executive directors, chief financial officers, general counsels and many other high calibre professionals. Their influence on, and passion for, Melbourne provide a conduit for positive, ongoing development and connectivity of our city.

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