The Magic Pudding

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of The Magic Pudding storybook, the Melbourne Prize Trust, under copyright authority from the Norman Lindsay Family, has released a limited edition miniature of Laumen’s landmark Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne sculpture. 

The miniatures are handmade and plated in burnished sterling silver and hand-crafted by Fundere Fine Art Foundry  Melbourne. Each miniature has a centenary stamp (1918 – 2018), edition number, copyright mark and is signed by Laumen’s sculpture - $4,925 each, including GST, postage and handling. There are only a handful of miniatures left to order and once sold out; they cannot be produced again. 

The Royal Botanic Gardens sculpture, as a centrepiece for a CBD children's garden, and miniatures are projects founded by Simon Warrender while a member of the Committee for Melbourne's Future Focus Group. To order your miniature contact Committee for Melbourne on (03) 9650 8800.