02.03.2023Benchmarking Melbourne 2023 report

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Together with JLL, the Committee has engaged The Business of Cities to produce the second Benchmarking Melbourne report, to understand the nature of Melbourne’s performance among a peer group of 20 global cities.

The 2023 report highlights that Melbourne continues to offer residents and visitors compelling experiences. Kicking off the year with the record-breaking crowds at the Australian Open, we have the Fashion Festival, Food and Wine Festival, Flower and Garden Show, Grand Prix, Spring Racing, and the AFL amongst many others, to look forward to in 2023!

Of course, the ratings in the report reflect that Melbourne was impacted by the pandemic. But, with so many leading cities also affected, Melbourne’s relative position has stayed fairly stable. In fact, Melbourne has shown a relative improvement in its social resilience compared to other cities.

As Melbourne heads towards a population of 6 million by 2031, the prosperity of the city in the long-term requires grappling with a growth model involving expanding suburbs with a strong CBD. This has resulted in unequal distribution of green spaces, access to public transport, walkable restaurants and amenities and risks undermining the liveability and reputation of the city.

Failing to live up to what people expect of Melbourne, may erode confidence among future generations of people, businesses and investors. It might also mean a missed opportunity to retain immigrants, visitors, international students and Melburnians.

Of course, improving and investing in Melbourne is being actioned by all levels of government. The Victorian State Government and councils like City of Melbourne have significant programs of work to address infrastructure, sustainability, skills, jobs and social housing. These initiatives continue to underpin Melbourne’s success, and with consistent prioritising and co-ordination should be reflected in improved ratings over time.

The Committee in its Media Release highlights that we need to recognise all the great offerings of Melbourne and to fix those things that aren’t working, to ensure the city has a great reputation to deliver the living standards and investment opportunities we want to offer. It is important that we are able to understand the components of the city that make up Melbourne’s brand, to ensure we are better able to articulate and deliver upon this proposition.

This call to action was reinforced in the Herald Sun on 2 March 2023 with articles entitled “We still offer a world of appeal” and “‘Brand’ needs a reset”.

Mark Melvin, CEO, Committee for Melbourne calls for the need for a unified approach between the community, governments and industry to create a vision and actions for Melbourne, “only if there is a unified message and action, will Melbourne’s full potential be realised, and residents and businesses can feel more engaged in what makes us one of the best cities in the world”.

For media enquiries, please contact Leanne Edwards at ledwards@melbourne.org.au

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