Future Focus Group Alumni Testimonials

Jenna Yeats, Head of Stations, Metro Trains Melbourne

“FFG was a great opportunity to meet leaders from all over Melbourne in different disciplines that I normally wouldn’t interact with in my industry. Collaborating on a project together and producing a finished result at the end of the program that benefited Melbourne is something I am really proud of.”

Molly Campbell, Deputy Director Engagement, Suburban Rail Loop Authority – joined Future Focus Group with GHD in 2021

“Future Focus Group was a springboard for my career at the emerging leader stage, opening my mind to bigger picture issues and opportunities in Melbourne and beyond, as well as giving me access to high calibre mentors, speakers and peers. The lessons I learnt from stretching out of my comfort zone to deliver a community-focused project with a group of unique professionals I never would have otherwise worked with continue to serve me well after wrapping up the program.”

Simon Cartwright, Manager, Marketing, Melbourne Arts Precinct Corporation

“Participating in the 22/23 FFG Program was an enriching experience, where I had the privilege of connecting with a diverse and inspiring group of peers. The major project I collaborated on with my FFG team coupled with the monthly Q&A sessions with industry leaders not only expanded my knowledge and various skills but challenged and stretched me. I would recommend the FFG Program to any emerging leader who wishes to make a positive impact on Melbourne while enhancing their leadership capabilities in a supportive environment.”

Brenton Grasby, General Manager Service and Delivery, Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

“The FFG Program allowed me the opportunity to work with other emerging civic leaders expanding my networks while enhancing my skills as we worked on a project for the benefit of Melbourne, aiding the recovery from the COVID pandemic.

An amazing part of the program was the ability to engage with an influential Melbourne leader as a mentor adding another level of knowledge, leadership skills and networking.

During my participation in the FFG Program I was able to progress my career within my organisation moving into the role of General Manager.

A major benefit of my participation in the FFG Program for my employer is, with my now grown networks and continuing participation in the FFG Alumni Network, the ability to advocate for the cemetery sector to audiences that we wouldn’t normally get exposure too.

The FFG Program has provided me an enhanced corporate network that has proven to be a beneficial sounding board allowing me to test business ideas and strategies which aids in the quality of my decision making for my employer and the families we serve.

If given the chance I would love to undertake the program again knowing what I know now, which indicates to me that I took away valuable lessons that I didn’t have prior to commencing.”

Samantha Hamilton, CEO, Rock Art Australia

“The Future Focus Group Program provided me with numerous engaging opportunities to develop my leadership skills, create networks and participate in a project which aimed to make a neighbourhood within Melbourne’s CBD a better place to live, work and play. The program offered multi-disciplinary learning through monthly workshops with a diverse range of established and inspiring leaders across Melbourne’s private and public sector; and the chance to collaboratively share and discover with other emerging leaders through our project work. I highly recommend this program as a positive and profound way to develop yourself and contribute to your organisation and the wider Melbourne community”.

Cassie Moore, Acting General Manager, Monash Health

“The Future Focus Group Program provided an opportunity for me to stretch my leadership skills and contribute to a project of significance in Melbourne. Through exposure to other emerging and established leaders, I felt accelerated on my leadership journey, and surer of the type of leader I wanted to be.”

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