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Creative Industries Strategy 2020-2024

The Committee was delighted to draw on the contribution of our Taskforce for the Committee’s submission to the Victorian Government’s Creative Industries Strategy 2020-2024.

In the submission, the Committee provided practical suggestions on the specific themes listed in the strategy and some ideas for how the sector might be better led and governed.

The key to a vibrant and successful creative Victoria is an ecosystem which will support, sustain and strengthen Victoria’s creative economy and all those who contribute to it as an essential platform for Victoria’s success as a liveable, prosperous, global city.

You can read our submission here

Tram Zone Extension Proposal

Members of the Arts and Culture Roundtable have indicated their intention to advocate further for extension to the Free Tram Zone, which was originally an initiative of the Committee. Extension of the Free Tram Zone is seen as an important step to encourage further visitor participation at key cultural institutions within Melbourne. Currently the Free Tram Zone stops short of key Cultural and Arts venues in Melbourne. As such, the Committee recognises extension to the Free Tram Zone will be vital to incorporate more of the key institutions including the entire Arts Precinct, MCEC, MCG, Melbourne Museum and Melbourne and Olympic Parks.

You can read our submission here.

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