20.09.2023The Committee welcomes the Victorian Government’s Housing Statement

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Committee for Melbourne welcomes the Victorian Government’s Housing Statement which puts forward an ambitious plan and a significant range of reforms to tackle the housing supply in Victoria.

With the government’s proposition to build more homes that are more affordable, The Committee’s CEO, Mark Melvin, welcomed the bold target to build 80,000 new homes in Victoria each year over the next decade.

The Committee’s Benchmarking Melbourne 2023 report, which examines Melbourne’s performance against global peer cities, highlights that there is a ‘Tale of Two Cities’, emerging in Melbourne from the continued expansion of Melbourne’s suburbs.

Mark Melvin said, “as Melbourne’s population heads towards 6 million people by 2031, we must ensure that an appropriate mix of housing types that are affordable are made available to people close to amenities and transport options.

“There is no doubt that action is urgently needed to address the housing supply and affordability challenge in Melbourne and Victoria, and that this is a challenge that we must meet together, with councils, community groups, governments and businesses all having a role to play to support the much-needed reforms.”

For more information or media enquiries, please contact Leanne Edwards, Director of Policy and Advocacy at ledwards@melbourne.org.au

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