05.05.2022Victorian Government Budget 2022-23

The Victorian Government Budget 2022-23, Putting Patients First, is primarily focussed on improving Victoria’s healthcare system to ensure people receive the care they need. With record growth in demand for health services, Victoria’s health system will receive a $12 billion boost as part of the Pandemic Repair Plan.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, it is pleasing that the Victorian unemployment rate is at a record low, the economy is forecast to rebound strongly and business confidence is high. The new Victorian Future Fund aims to help pay down the debt accumulated during the pandemic. This provides an optimistic outlook for Victoria that will boost the spirits of Melburnians.

According to the Committee’s 2022 Benchmarking Melbourne Report, there remain opportunities for the Victorian Government to invest in Melbourne’s future, including transport infrastructure aligned to a coherent land-use and economic development plan, increasing the supply of social and affordable housing and supporting the commercialisation and scaling of innovations.

The Committee looks forward to working with the Victorian Government following this Budget, to further the initiatives that will help shape Melbourne’s future.

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