08.12.2023Our 2023 Timeline

As we conclude yet another eventful year, the Committee pauses to reflect on the significant milestones that have defined 2023 as a year of advancement, unity, and transformative change for Melbourne. Join us on a journey through our 2023 timeline, where we reflect on the impactful events and initiatives from the Committee, that have shaped the future of our beloved city.

We kicked off the year with the Melbourne Summit in March, a gathering that brought together over 100 leaders, members, and stakeholders. The event proved to be a resounding success and we look forward to continuing our efforts to amplify Melbourne’s brand in 2024, and to the next Summit in March 2024.

In March, we released our second report, Benchmarking Melbourne 2023, with our partner JLL. The report once again showed that Melbourne’s rich arts & culture, research and innovation capabilities and diverse talent pool – rate very well in the report. The Benchmarking Melbourne 2023 report, however, shows that a ‘tale of two cities’ is emerging across Melbourne, with opportunities for us to look at housing affordability, public transport connectivity and urban density to ensure we can maintain those high standards of living for all Melbournians. As we move into 2024 it will be imperative that Melbourne continues to support its strengths whilst also looking to improve in other areas.

A highlight of this year was undoubtedly our Annual Dinner in May, which was hosted at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. This event featured distinguished speakers, captivating performances, and the well-deserved recognition of the Melbourne Achiever Award winners. We thank our generous sponsors Yarra Trams, LendLease, R-Co and Peter Jones Events for their support of this event. As we reflect on the success of this event, excitement is already mounting for our upcoming Annual Dinner, which is to take place in May at the Melbourne Town Hall.

This year has also been one of the most successful years ever in terms of minister meetings and forums. With a recent round of member forums and events with ministers and shadow ministers, and the Lord Mayor of Melbourne we have had some lively and interesting conversations across a range of topics over the course of the year. As always, we are very grateful for the support and commitment to collaboration, and we look forward to continuing working across issues relating to Greater Melbourne in the future.

We have continued to hold Standing Committee meetings with members across our three pillars in 2023. We’d like to thank our chairs and deputy chairs, and members who attended the meetings and contributed to our thought leadership positions. Without their help we would not be able to deliver the papers and ideas that are so important for Melbourne’s future. For example, our Benchmarking Melbourne 2023 report rates Melbourne’s whole-city connectivity 13th out of 20 global peer cities – showing the need to improve how people get around the metropolis. On the back of this, the Infrastructure & Sustainability Standing Committee focused on a significant Reforming Melbourne’s buses report – with Arup and University of Melbourne contributing resources to developing up new ideas and data to bolster the position. Other projects around urban densification, commercialisation of innovation and transport have arisen from the Benchmarking data and discussions at a standing committee level.

With ongoing initiatives, collaborative projects, and impactful events, Melbourne’s Committee remains steadfastly committed to shaping a prosperous and inclusive future for the city and its residents. The 2023 timeline encapsulates a year dedicated to progress, collaboration, and a shared vision for Melbourne’s continued success.

To explore the details of our journey through 2023, we invite you to view the timeline here.

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