06.05.2021Three more Future Focus Group projects are taking shape

The three Project Teams from the Future Focus Group (FFG) 2021-2022 Program presented their projects to a Project Review Panel last week. The Panel comprised Catherine Burnheim from The University of Melbourne, Jacqui Savage from MedCorp Technologies and Michael Wandmaker from Melbourne Water (Jacqui and Michael are Board Members of the Committee). The proposed FFG projects are:

  1. Plant the Seed Melbourne – bringing microfarming to life in the Melbourne CBD
  2. Wellness Village – a central CBD hub that co-locates a variety of resources, activities and amenities focused on health and wellbeing
  3. Grey to Green 2.0 The Secret Garden – repurposing unused ‘grey’ space in the Melbourne CBD with ‘green’ (grass, trees and other vegetation) space for recreational and aesthetic benefit.

The third project draws inspiration from a FFG project from the FFG class of 2019-2020, delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Project team members have taken the review panels’ feedback on board and will table refined proposals to Martine Letts and Matt Gaffney (GM FFG) in coming weeks for formal approval. We look forward to sharing more on these FFG projects and how you can support them in future editions of Communiqué.

Find out more about the FFG program here

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