02.09.2021The time is now for Australia to embrace zero emission vehicles

With a clear vision and decisive action, a clean transport future for Australia beckons. Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) – likely to hit Australian streets en masse this decade – could help transform the economy and our standing in the world.

Given our relatively sluggish response to the climate emergency, as well as the potential for a global green energy revolution for which Australia is well-positioned to take advantage of, the time is now for Australia’s political leaders to embrace ZEVs and the opportunities such an embrace can catalyse.

The Committee supports action to accelerate the rollout of ZEVs. At our recent forum, we unpacked the state of ZEV uptake in Australia, the policy framework required to nurture its growth, as well as the impact widespread adoption would have on Australia’s economy and its response to climate change.

Despite the policy ambiguity stretching across the continent, there is optimism amongst our members that ZEV technology has a bright future in Australia. Strong political leadership, planning and coordination across national jurisdictions, and collaboration with industry and stakeholders will create the step-change necessary to accelerate uptake and create jobs, while boosting green energy export opportunities and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the process.

Other influential bodies are also calling for determined action. Infrastructure Victoria continues to advocate strongly on the matter. In its latest 30-Year Infrastructure Strategy, it called on the Victorian Government to “accelerate consumer purchases of zero emission vehicles” through various mechanisms.

For a snapshot of the state of ZEV adoption in Australia, including policies that could address barriers to widespread uptake, read the Committee’s policy brief below.

Policy Brief – Zero emission vehicles

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