19.05.2022Standing Committees

The Committee’s three newly established member Standing Committees met for the first time at the beginning of April.

The Committee’s inaugural Benchmarking Melbourne Report, launched in February 2022, measured Greater Melbourne’s performance across three pillars that make a great city: Future Economy, Infrastructure & Sustainability and Liveability & Urban Optimisation. Benchmarked against 19 global peer cities, the report shows that Greater Melbourne has much to be proud of and many opportunities to make investments to capitalise on those strengths.

Using the report’s informative data, leading thinkers from across the membership have been assembled to identify key policy issues and to guide initiatives that will add value to the long-term development of Greater Melbourne.

  • The Future Economy Standing Committee is chaired by Board Member Professor John Dewar AO (Vice Chancellor, La Trobe University) and deputy chaired by Board Member Jacqui Savage (Founder and CEO, MedCorp Technologies). It considers issues such as future skills, innovation precincts, investment, productivity, supply chain resilience, governance and entrepreneurialism.
  • The Infrastructure & Sustainability Standing Committee is chaired by Board Member Roland Van Benten (Manager -Origination, Dexus) and deputy chaired by Dr Joseph Correnza (Principal – Member of Australasian Board and Arup University Councillor, Arup). It considers issues including integrated transport, whole of city connectivity, effective digital connectivity, environmental outcomes and technology.
  • The Liveability & Urban Optimisation Standing Committee is chaired by Board Member Craig Shute (Managing Director- VIC, JLL) and deputy chaired by Caroline (Ralph) Ralphsmith (CEO, Fed Square). It considers issues such as arts & culture, sports, visitor economy, affordable housing, health, inclusivity and brand.

The Secretariat thanks those leading thinkers who make up the Standing Committees for their time and commitment to making these a success. In months to come, the Committee’s key priorities and projects will be worked upon from across our around 150 Committee members, to develop future thinking and outcomes.

To learn more about the standing committees and policy work of the Committee please contact Leanne Edwards, Director Policy & Research at ledwards@melbourne.org.au

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