27.06.2019Securing our Future | Eastern Seaboard Collaboration

On 18 June, Committee for Melbourne CEO, Martine Letts, presented her Fellow’s Address at the Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA), making the case for an Eastern Seaboard megaregion to help Australia successfully navigate its way through a very complicated twenty-first century.

Titled “Re-imagining Australia’s East Coast”, Martine made the case for greater Eastern Seaboard Collaboration to secure Australia’s economic future in the Asian Century.  Eastern Seaboard Collaboration was identified by the Committee’s Melbourne 4.0 Project as a key strategic need, as it will strike at the heart of Australia’s future competitiveness. Martine explored what effective collaboration and connectivity between cities and regions along Australia’s eastern seaboard would mean, how it could enhance Australia’s engagement with the Indo-Pacific region, and why this would allow Australia to better compete in an increasingly interdependent, fast-changing world.

The ultimate vision for greater collaboration along Australia’s east coast would be the creation of an Australian East Coast Megaregion. This was a big, ambitious idea, but one which we should at the least explore seriously given the tectonic geo-strategic and technological shifts we were experiencing.  Click here to read Martine’s speech.   She foreshadowed further Committee for Melbourne research exploring the case for such a region.

The AIIA also presented Martine with her Fellow’s Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution in providing high-level expertise in public policy development, formulation and promotion both in Australia and internationally.

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