07.10.2021Revitalising Melbourne’s CBD while creating jobs for young people

The Melbourne Social Enterprise Village (the Village) will launch in the first half of 2022 at 399 Flinders Street, bringing a previously neglected corner of Melbourne to life. The Village will help to revitalise the CBD as it recovers from the pandemic and give all Victorians another reason to visit.

Home to Good Cycles, The Community Grocer, The Dragonfly Collective, SENVIC and Moral Fairground, the Village is a first for Melbourne’s CBD. Together, these dynamic social enterprises will create 800 employment opportunities for young people at risk of disengagement and support their move into mainstream employment across the first eight years of operation.

The estimated value created by the Village in the first year of its operation is $4.6 million.

The total value created by the Village over its first eight years is estimated at $39 million.

While jobs are at the core of our focus, ‘place activation’ is crucial today, as Melbourne gets back on its feet. The Village will bring together a diverse range of capital and community partners. It will provide residents of, and visitors to Melbourne, an opportunity to grab some groceries, get their bike fixed, learn about social enterprise, or attend a pop-up event, all while interacting with many different faces and stories of Melbourne.

Many projects internationally are using place activation to contribute to goals such as economic development, improving perceptions of safety, addressing food insecurity and building community cohesion.

Such an ambitious project cannot be brought to life without your help. Your generous support will contribute to the future of young people and social enterprise for our wonderful city.

Here’s how you can support the Melbourne Social Enterprise Village

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