06.07.2022OUR Melbourne Annual Dinner brand story

Bringing the Committee for Melbourne’s Annual Dinner theme “OUR Melbourne” to life as a distinctive identity has been a long term project with a two year delay due to COVID. Committee for Melbourne member, R-Co always look into the problem to unfold the solution.

“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way” Marcus Aurelius.

R-Co’s system approach of discover, define, design and deliver provides a trusted pathway for both the design team and the client. It keeps us both on track and is proven support for the imagination to flourish. In today’s congested and complex visual landscape, R-Co think deeply about keeping things simple.

For the Committee for Melbourne event identity, R-Co illuminated the word “OUR” and then animated it to give it a contemporary impression. In this way something “ordinary” becomes “extraordinary”. This is the gift of creativity and the value design thinking offers to making things better.

The creative sector produces $23Billion into the Victorian economy and celebrated this on the evening. With over 700 guests.

This Capital Value of creativity amplifies my idea that – Return On Imagination counts for just as much as Return On Investment.

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