21.10.2021New partnership with Superpedestrian

Superpedestrian and Good Cycles have teamed up to offer shared e-scooter schemes that will create real jobs, for those who need them most, in cities across Australia. The partnership will see Good Cycles and Superpedestrian working together on repairing and maintaining e-scooters, moving e-scooters around the city and being part of parking and COVID-19 patrols.

Mitchell Price, Asia Pacific Regional Director, Superpedestrian said that Superpedestrian was proud to partner with Good Cycles and looks forward to bringing value to the communities that Superpedestrian are applying to serve.

Australia is currently experiencing a shift towards micromobility with cities like Melbourne, Rockhampton, Hobart and Launceston soon to begin their first schemes.

Read more: https://cities-today.com/industry/superpedestrian-to-prioritise-employment-for-refugees-over-gig-workers/

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