17.09.2020New Member | SJS Strategy

We asked SJS Strategy co-founders Sander van Amelsvoort and Synth Senthi why they joined the Committee for Melbourne: “Not only have we been great beneficiaries of a city that is incredibly supportive of our young business, we are also raising young families in Melbourne and are passionate about seeing this city continuing to provide opportunities for all its current, as well as future, residents. And since we are in the business of helping organisations plan and prepare for a changing world, it was really a no-brainer for us to join the Committee.”

SJS Strategy was born out of the Committee for Melbourne’s landmark Melbourne 4.0 work. The 4.0 Taskforce – which was led by Sander van Amelsvoort in his former role at the Committee – used scenario planning to help prepare the city for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Having founded SJS Strategy in early 2019, it is Australia’s only dedicated scenario planning consultancy. The company helps build ‘responsive organisations’ for their clients by exploring their future operating environment with them in order to build robust, future-proof strategies. And given today’s uncertain environment, scenario planning has never been more relevant.

In its first year in business, SJS Strategy has worked with clients in the public, private, academic and not-for-profit sectors by helping them to create structure in their uncertainty. According to co-founder Synth Senthi “we work across all industries and sectors because we are experts in scenario planning, which means our work focusses on facilitating our clients’ conversations about the future, since they are the industry experts and practitioners.”

When the results of Melbourne 4.0 were published in 2017, the need for more innovative start-ups was identified as a key strategic need for the city. “It’s incredibly gratifying that starting SJS Strategy, and now becoming members of the Committee, makes this come full circle for us.”

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