12.11.2020Mission Fit Melbourne Post Covid: Recovery and Thrive

How do we ensure Melbourne is Mission Fit?

With the loosening of restrictions in VIC, now is the time to leverage international insights and strategies to rebuild one of Australia’s greatest cities the best way possible.

Leading city shapers, including Kate Meyrick, Director- Future State, Urbis; Sally Capp, Lord Mayor, Melbourne; Begoña Villacís Sánchez, Deputy Mayor, Madrid; and Lianne Dalziel, Mayor, Christchurch provided evidence-based insights on the governance and strategies required to lead and rebuild a city after a crisis in our Mission Fit Melbourne event on 27 October. For the full event recording click here.

We now have insight into where we need to grow Melbourne and other Australian cities. Urbis’s Mission Fit Cities white paper contains an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of our cities, in addition to a couple of international city states with gold standard Mission Fit scores we can aspire to. For the full white paper click here.

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