22.08.2019Metropolitan Collaboration | Local Government Submission

Our ‘Metropolitan Collaboration’ Taskforce has been discussing how to build a resilient, economically competitive city through developing better metropolitan governance arrangements that can confront the challenges, and capture the opportunities that the 21st century will bring. Legislation has the potential to offer frameworks and increase opportunities for Local Governments to collaborate on a Metropolitan-wide scale.

The Committee for Melbourne has welcomed the review of the legislation via the Local Government Bill 2019, with almost 30 years having passed since the last iteration of Local Government legislation.

Responding to the call by Local Government Victoria and the Minister for Local Government Adem Somyurek for submissions on the proposed bill, the Committee for Melbourne’s submission addressed two aspects:

  • Reform (2) from the Consultation paper, which focuses on single-member wards, and
  • Other opportunities presented by a new bill to further promote collaboration across the Metropolitan area.

Please read the full submission here 

We look forward to working with the State Government on this issue and encourage them to continue to consult widely with Local Governments, Associations and other key stakeholders. Please email David Prior if you would like to be more involved in the Metropolitan Collaboration taskforce or have any comments on the submission.

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