15.10.2020Melbourne wants a return to live events!

While Melburnians await the daily numbers, and the announcement of potential easing of restrictions come 19 October, Newgate’s weekly COVID-19 community sentiment tracker reveals the state remains concerned about the virus and is increasingly anxious about the economic and social consequences of the current lock-down.

Victorians support the continuation of strong COVID-safe measures, such as the use of masks, but would prefer border restrictions to ease and see less constraints on business.

Melbourne is the major events capital of Australia and as we track towards summer, the community eagerly awaits the return of major and cultural events and confirmation of events such as the Boxing Day Test Match and the return of Triennial at the National Gallery of Victoria.

From a low of just 18 per cent three months ago:

  • 49 per cent of Victorians now want to attend live sporting events within the next three months.
  • Similarly, 46 per cent want to attend music concerts, up from just 17 per cent three months prior.

We see a similar shift in views on easing border restrictions and the potential for interstate and even international travel:

  • 74 per cent of Victorians now wish to see the opening of state borders by Christmas.
  • 50 per cent of Victorians, however, would prefer these changes within the next month.

The results illustrate a clear week-on-week shift in community sentiment. While Victorians lead the nation in sentiment for the reopening of state borders, it is now a majority-national view:

  • 75 per cent of respondents across Australia would like to see local border restrictions lifted by Christmas, and 72 per cent would like to see the border with New Zealand re-opened.

The data from the Newgate Tracker can help inform decisions made by the Committee for Melbourne and its members. Confirming and clarifying the challenges and opportunities arising from public opinions around what will help to drive Melbourne’s economic and social recovery. Over the remainder of 2020 we hope to share regular insights from the weekly tracker.

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