04.07.2023Melbourne ranked most liveable city in Australia and third in the world

Committee for Melbourne’s CEO Mark Melvin spoke with Blake Johnson at Channel 7 news on why we believe Melbourne deserves its status as the third most liveable city in the World. The Economist’s Global Liveability Index 2023 report revealed Melbourne as the most liveable city in Australia, and third most liveable in the world – because of attributes like inclusivity, cohesiveness and infrastructure.

Mark Melvin supported this, and highlighted how it aligns with the Committee’s Benchmarking Melbourne 2023 report, which found Melbourne ranked 2nd for inclusivity and wellbeing out of 20 global peer cities. With other top ratings such as 4th for experience economy and 8th for image and influence, Melbourne has a lot to offer businesses, residents and visitors alike.

With so much to offer in our growing city, it is no wonder the city is set to increase to 6 million by 2031, and 8 million by 2051.

When asked about the city’s infrastructure, Mark Melvin said “It is critical to keeping us connected for moving around the city and moving around in our lives. We are investing now to maintain that liveability scoring and so we can move 8 million people around Greater Melbourne.”

Committee for Melbourne advocates for projects, initiatives and spending that will help shape Melbourne’s future – and now it is imperative to make sure our city remains a great city to live, work and play in.

While there are many great things to be proud of, Melbourne also needs continuous consideration and actions to improve whole city connectivity, housing affordability, environmental outcomes and retention of talent.

Mark Melvin speaks to Blake Johnson on Channel 7 news and stands in front of the camera in Committee for Melbourne offices

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