30.06.2020Melbourne 4.0 and the COVID-19 response

In May 2017, the Committee Launched the Melbourne 4.0 Taskforce findings as we were catapulted into the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

It was clear then that if we kept progressing with ‘business as usual’, the future of our city may not be all that bright.  

We were challenged with complex geopolitical realties, the pace of technological change and growing concerns about congestion and liveability. Through Melbourne 4.0 scenario planning, our members identified strategic needs which we sought to collaborate on.   

Then COVID-19 created a new normal.  What is interesting though is that the issues we identified are as current today, and maybe even more so, than they were when we published our Melbourne 4.0 agenda.   

While we address or COVID-19 road to recovery it is therefore worth reminding ourselves of the Melbourne 4.0 agenda. 

Take a minute to look back at this 2017 vignette, you may be surprised!  

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