02.06.2022Meet the Treasurer: Mr Tim Pallas MP

With business confidence high and the Victorian economy poised for take-off, we are looking forward to hearing from the State Treasurer, Mr Tim Pallas MP, who will address our members at our annual luncheon.

It has been a remarkable turn of events in Melbourne and Victoria. Two years ago, the fight was on to save lives and livelihoods as social and economic activity came to an abrupt halt. Today, unemployment is at a record low and businesses are clamouring for talent as they look to expand.

Despite the optimism, challenges remain. With the pandemic putting significant pressure on the state’s health system, the government committed in this year’s budget to investing in the health infrastructure and training necessary to ensure Victorians receive the care they need.

The Committee’s Benchmarking Melbourne 2022 Report revealed further opportunities for policy action, including the need to ensure Melbourne’s wider metropolis has better access to transport services, green spaces and amenity. Housing affordability remains a challenge, while support is needed for local, innovative companies to commercialise and scale their innovations.

The Committee looks forward to welcoming the Treasurer and discussing with him these most important issues facing Melbourne.

This is a Foundation member only event. Numbers are limited to please register early to avoid disappointment.

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