29.10.2020Homes for Homes – a promise to help end homelessness

During COVID-19 many of us are grateful for safe, secure accommodation where we can isolate comfortably. But for people experiencing homelessness and housing stress, this is not the case.

In Victoria, the shortage of 146,500 social and affordable homes means that not everyone in Victoria can access safe and permanent accommodation.

The effects of COVID-19 have highlighted more than ever that a solution to homelessness and housing our most vulnerable is needed. But it is a problem that one person, organisation or government cannot solve on their own. Homes for Homes recognises this and has created a community-led solution to solving homelessness.

Homes for Homes is an innovative social enterprise that raises funds for social and affordable housing through property donations. Homes for Homes is a simple promise that when properties registered with Homes for Homes sell, 0.1% of the sale price will be donated to Homes for Homes. Donations are granted to social and affordable housing providers, creating safe and secure housing for those in need. Previous grant rounds have contributed more than $400,000 to social and affordable housing projects in Victoria. We are expected to raise more than $1 billion for social and affordable housing over the next 30 years.

Homes for Homes brings industries and communities together to strengthen our society and lift people out of homelessness. We invite members of the Committee for Melbourne to be part of this solution and help end homelessness. Visit homesforhomes.org.au for more information on how to get involved.

As part of our first funding round, Homes for Homes awarded $40,000 to Habitat for Humanity Victoria for the build of a social and affordable housing project in regional Victoria. Couple Jema and Romel with young daughter Isla were chosen for this project, and were handed the keys to their modern three-bedroom house in June 2019. Jema and Romel’s story demonstrates the positive generational change that social and affordable housing can create.

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