30.06.2020Good Cycles to transform Customs Square with Melbourne’s first social enterprise cluster

Good Cycles is leading Melbourne’s firstever social enterprise cluster, which will see a complementary group of social enterprises transform the Customs Square Precinct into a dedicated retail and community engagement hub. 

Customs Square is about providing real jobs to disadvantaged Victorians and partnering with social enterprises who share this purpose.    

Endorsed by Committee for Melbourne and strongly supported by our member the City of Melbourne, this is an important collaborative initiative that will help to establish Melbourne as a key player in the growing global social enterprise sector.  To quote Good Cycles CEO Jaison Hoernel “this project is world-class and will demonstrate the power of social enterprise and strong partnerships”. 

Customs Square has traditionally been problematic; it’s a large dead-space and has attracted social issues. The new site will support The City of Melbourne’s vision for the future by supporting delivery of and engagement with the Melbourne community.  

With employment for disadvantaged Victorians at the heart of Customs Square’s new offering, Jaison Hoernel has pointed out that tracking the employment and social impact will be paramountThink Impact has been engaged to develop a “social value framework that will predict and measure the social value created across employment, collaboration and more”.  

Central to the activation and in line with City of Melbourne’s draft Transport strategy, is the delivery of promotion and education of active transport (including cycling). As Jaison Hoernel has pointed out, the benefits of riding a bike is  not only great for our wellbeing, but contributes to reducing carbon emissions and congestion by replacing vehicles on the street.    

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