01.11.2023Submission to consultation on ‘Future Streets Framework 2030 and Beyond’

On 16 October, the Committee made a submission to the City of Melbourne (CoM) on its draft Future Streets Framework 2030 and beyond (draft framework).

The Committee was pleased to arrange for its members to be briefed by CoM on the draft framework, at various forums. This included a meeting at Melbourne Town Hall in August 2023, with around 30 members, who provided detailed feedback. In general, the Committee’s members are supportive of proposals that would green the city, make it more walkable and accessible, and resilient to climate change. Overall, the draft framework is a high-level conceptual document that contains many positive proposals and ideas. There are however opportunities for more detail to be provided, with robust data and clearer timelines.

The Committee provided six key recommendations on behalf of its members.


  1. Further consultation on the framework: A second draft of the framework should be released for consultation.
  2. State government investment programs: Implementation timeframes of the draft framework should be clearly aligned to related state government funded projects and investments.
  3. Place character: Identify the strengths of Melbourne’s character such as experience economy attributes like restaurants and theatres, office precincts, green spaces and retail, that should be incorporated throughout the CBD area. These attributes should represent the baseline character that should underpin all of the Hoddle Grid/CBD. Any additional character elements could then evolve to represent unique place characters over time.
  4. Planning: Provide clarity around how the draft framework proposals work within the planning and development rules.
  5. Transport and business data: Provide clear data and modelling around the aims and impacts of the draft framework (eg traffic flows, bicycle usage, business operations etc)
  6. Greater Melbourne: Provide clear data around the economic impacts of the draft framework for Greater Melbourne to ensure no unintended consequences are experienced across the whole metropolis.

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