01.10.2020Future Focus Group update – MelBees Project

The MelBees project being undertaken by six participants in the Future Focus Group 2020-2021 Program will showcase and promote the role of bees and their local habitat in the City of Melbourne. This group is working on plans to install a ‘green roof’ on a public transport shelter.

The green roof will comprise local native flora chosen to attract bees native to Melbourne and, in doing so, will help to beautify city streets and create additional value in existing public infrastructure. The project is scalable, and the group will aim to get the support of exit partners to implement green roofs right across the transport network (not just in the City of Melbourne).

Members of the Project Team are now working with project partners to develop designs for a green roof and native bee habitat, and to embed these in relevant shelter design guides where possible. Plans are also underway for a celebration event and we hope to have a demonstration of a newly implemented ‘bee habitat’ transport shelter on World Bee Day (20 May 2021).

The MelBees green roofs will:

  • Support the life of bees and insects within the local ecosystem
  • Promote the pollination of plants by envisioning a ‘bee superhighway’ along transport routes
  • Improve Melbourne’s waterways with effective filtering of water
  • Educate Melbournians about the value and importance of native bees and the role they play in local ecosystems
  • Lift the spirits of urban dwellers and visitors with visually beautiful public infrastructure as we emerge from COVID restrictions back into the city and into recovery.

If you are interested in supporting the engineering design, construction, education material or celebration of a new green roof, please contact Clare McCausland of La Trobe University C.McCausland@latrobe.edu.au

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