17.09.2020Future Focus Group: Grey to Green Project

The problem: There is very limited green public space in the CBD, and with increasing densification, there is also an increased need for areas of respite and shade. The Victorian State Government has greening Melbourne as one of its priorities, and studies have shown access to green spaces improve people’s mental health and wellbeing, reduces storm water runoff, has a positive impact on temperature and adds biodiversity to the CBD.

The solution: The Grey to Green project team is investigating how to transform privately-owned, under-utilised, small spaces in the City of Melbourne into areas of green public amenity.

What we are doing: Having completed initial mapping and analysis of potential sites, we are now canvassing the attitudes of landowners and property managers in the CBD towards greening parts of their property, and what support they would need to participate in such a venture.

We want to hear from you! Do you normally work in an office in the CBD or are you a commercial property manager or landowner in the CBD? We would love you to take our one-minute, anonymous survey on your attitudes to increasing the green amenity of Melbourne’s buildings! Click here

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