13.05.2019From the CEO

On 9 April our Chairman Scott Tanner wrote to the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition with a summary of Committee for Melbourne’s policy priorities for the 2019 Federal Election which outlined the Committee’s vision for the future and how to address the rapid pace of change we are experiencing.

The submission drew on the survey we conducted with our members last year, as well as the “Melbourne 4.0” agenda, which have been the catalyst for our 12 task forces and discussion forums. Many of these priorities and associated initiatives require the involvement and support of the Commonwealth Government to bring them into effect.

We called on the next Federal Government to commit to proactively prepare Australia for success in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.   We said that the Federal Government’s approach to these challenges and how it chooses to guide our nation to respond to the resulting opportunities would have significant economic and social implications for future generations.

We invited the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition to respond to our policy priorities and to help us pursue them during the election period and beyond.

We look forward to the opportunity of sharing their responses with you in a future publication.

For our members: please make sure you complete our next membership survey, which will be sent to you tomorrow, to set our forward agenda for shaping Melbourne’s future.

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