17.10.2019From the CEO

City Deals were the hot topic of discussion last week in Melbourne and at the Committee for Cities and Regions Network meeting, hosted by the recently formed Committee for Brisbane.

The Committee was pleased to attend the first ‘Melbourne City Deals Stakeholder Roundtable’ with the Federal Minister for Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure, Alan Tudge and the Victorian Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, Steve Dimopolous. The roundtable explored the themes and visions for the proposed North-West and South-East City Deals. You can read more about this in our first item below.

The next day, the Committee for Cities and Regions network was briefed in Brisbane by Richard Wood from the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities on the 7 deals currently being rolled out in other Australian cities.

Based on a successful UK model, City Deals in Australia aim to secure the future prosperity and liveability of cities. Designed to be a genuine partnership between three levels of government and the community, City Deals seek to align planning, investment and governance to accelerate growth and job creation, stimulate urban renewal and drive economic reforms.

The spirit of City Deals is strongly aligned with the Committee’s focus areas for Shaping Melbourne’s future and our advocacy for an integrated approach to planning for Melbourne’s rapid growth. The Committee has developed some broad themes for consideration in future City Deals which are listed below. That said, given the uniqueness and diversity of cities across Australia, each deal takes a bespoke approach to designing and delivering City Deals, city by city, and Melbourne will be no exception.

The Committees for Cities and Regions network is growing in reach and influence, with 22 Committees in Australia and New Zealand and 9 in Victoria alone. We have come a long way since the creation of the Committee for Melbourne in 1985 as the network of trusted “Cities 4” grows in size and reach.

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