02.09.2021From the CEO | 2 September 2021

The Committee welcomes Premier Andrews’ recognition that we cannot eradicate COVID-19 from the community as an important first step to opening up our community and economy for recovery.

At Committee for Melbourne, we have said for some time that we cannot wait for the eradication of COVID-19 to plan for our recovery and that vaccination of the population, at scale, should be our top priority, as citizens and as businesses, in the interest of our community and economic wellbeing.

All sectors will play a key role in our city’s recovery from this health crisis, which risks being eclipsed by a far deeper, and longer-term economic crisis. The majority of our members tell us that they expect Melbourne’s economic recovery from COVID-19 to take between two and five years. Some say between five and 10 years.

Our road to recovery must be based on close collaboration between government, business and community. Nowhere is this more important than in the acceleration of the vaccine roll-out, supported by a nationally consistent and internationally recognisable system for vaccine passports, and which engages business and the community for successful delivery.

We call on all our governments to work together to accelerate the roll-out of the vaccines, including advertising programs; targeting of vaccine doses, opening up to all age groups, and using businesses and industry to assist with vaccine roll-outs where possible.

Our Future Focus Group Program: How you can look after your talent in these difficult times

Motivating your emerging leaders by connecting them to a Melbourne leadership network, to leading Melburnian mentors and the opportunity to shape Melbourne’s future, is more important than ever in these COVID-affected times.

Make sure you share with your emerging leaders the opportunity of our civic emerging leadership program, the Future Focus Group, a 15-month program the Committee has successfully run for almost 25 years, creating the next generation of networked Melbourne leaders.

Despite the current remote working challenges caused by COVID-19, participants from the Class of 21/22 have found the program highly rewarding and valuable to their professional development.

Nominations close on Friday, 1 October so that interviews with candidates can be undertaken well before the end of this year for a February 2022 start.

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