01.10.2020From the CEO, 1 October

Since COVID-19 struck, the Committee has focused on creating ideas for Melbourne’s Road to Recovery to restore our beloved Melbourne to one of the world’s most liveable and loveable cities.

As proud Melburnians, we want to do our very best to help our city recover from this terrible shock. In doing so, we do need to recognise that the COVID-19 health crisis has not been well managed in Victoria. Not since the economic downturn of the 1980s has Melbourne’s position as one of the world’s great global cities been so profoundly challenged.

Rather than dwelling on why we are in this position, however, we should now focus on what Victoria and Melbourne must do to emerge strongly from this health crisis.

Our ‘Road to Recovery’ campaign was launched in April this year. Since then, we have held more than 35 events with 280 organisations and close to 2000 Melburnians in attendance, published 80 thought leadership pieces and submissions and coordinated 14 dedicated working groups.

Perhaps most importantly, we listened to over 200 members and stakeholders to help shape Melbourne’s way forward.

With your feedback, we were able to launch the next six months of our campaign, kicking off with a “call to arms” for how good governance, collaboration and bold ideas to bring our city back to life are the key to Melbourne COVID-19 Road to Recovery.

We listed five key steps we need to take to get us there. We must:

  • Tackle health and economic emergencies together
  • Secure a successful and safe return to work strategy
  • Create accountability, trust and confidence in our government and bureaucracy
  • Promote Government – Industry Collaboration
  • Build confidence with good, bold projects

We were pleased to see Melbourne’s media broadcast these messages widely this week. Please read our media release and coverage on our Road to Recovery hub.

Melbourne’s recovery is in our hands. As a collective of Proud Melburnians, our Board, Secretariat and Members are committed to the spirit of shared endeavour to help shape Melbourne’s future.

This edition of Communique is dedicated to sharing with you our call to arms, our Road to Recovery Taskforce working groups and our ideas on collaboration, good governance and kick-starting projects to getting Melbourne back on track.

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