10.07.2019Free Tram Zone extension sent to Economy and Infrastructure Committee for review

On June 5 2019 the Legislative Council of Victoria was presented with a motion by Mr Rod Barton MLC for the Economy and Infrastructure Committee to investigate, among other things, the merits of extending the free tram zone. Mr Barton referenced Committee for Melbourne, noting that inclusion of the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) would have a substantial impact on increasing visitor numbers. Mr David Davis MLC supported the motion and further highlighted that extension to Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) would be worthy of consideration during the review – one of the five key extension points proposed by the Committee.

The Committee was applauded on our work by Ms Fiona Patten MLC who said, “I certainly commend the Committee of Melbourne for the work that they have done in this area….they have really considered this [the FTZ extension]”. It was suggested that the review should also focus on other areas such as the MCG, MCEC and the Arts Centre, among others. Ms Patten summarised, ‘so we are not talking about a large area, but we are talking about an area that would have a significant effect’ – a belief championed by the Committee.

We welcome the unanimous adoption of the FTZ review by Mr Barton, Ms Taylor, Mr Davis, Ms Patten, Ms Maxwell, Dr Ratnam, Mr Quilty, Dr Cumming, Mr Dalidakis and Ms Terpstra. The Committee further reiterates its belief that the most impact would be delivered by extending the free tram to five stops, NGV, MCEC, MCG, Melbourne and Olympic parks and Melbourne Museum. Please read the full Hansard and Committee for Melbourne’s FTZ proposal. 

We appreciate the Economy and Infrastructure Committee reviewing this matter and look forward to providing insight into this matter for the Committee.

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