09.07.2020FFG project: Connecting International Students with the Melbourne community

The Melbourne International Student Festival (MISF) is a Future Focus Group project to bring together all students studying in Melbourne – both local and from abroad – through showcasing the culture and services that this great city has to offer. The vision for MISF is to enhance the lived experience of Melbourne for International Students and to foster deeper ties they develop within their local communities.

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of International Students to this city socially, economically and through global connections. Critical to Melbourne’s swift recovery will be attracting students back to this city and positioning Melbourne as the destination of choice for education, tourism and liveability.

The Project Team is taking a multi-year approach, focusing on engagement and long-term inclusion for International Students and the benefits this brings to all Melburnians. An application for a three-year City of Melbourne grant has been submitted for a central festival-style event at Federation Square, kicking off in July 2021.

Working closely with universities and local councils, the Project Team will support a week of events and activities in municipalities where International Students live, connecting them to employment opportunities, leisure activities and services available within their neighborhood.

Councils, universities, community groups and businesses will also be invited to submit events that align with MISF’s vision of creating deeper connections between International Students and the Melbourne community.

Longer-term, the goal is to position the week-long festival as an integral part of Melbourne’s major events calendar, encompassing hundreds of individual events across the State.

The Project Team is keen to connect with member organisations interested in bringing the festival to life. Please get in touch with Kate Eichler.

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