17.09.2019FFG | New Program

Shaping Future Focus Group for the future

We have made some changes to how we will run the Future Focus Group (FFG). The Program will now run over an intensive 15 months, instead of its traditional 21 months. FFG is a unique opportunity for selected emerging leaders in Melbourne to better understand, connect within and contribute to Melbourne while building their leadership capabilities.

Now in its third decade, the new program will feature an induction weekend, group projects in diverse teams, 15 evening workshops and active one-on-one mentoring.  FFG also provides opportunities to build enduring relationships with other participants and unique alumni.

Some of the successful FFG projects include Open House Melbourne, The Melbourne Prize and the Free Tram Zone.

The Class of 2019-2020 commenced their program with an Induction Weekend in February and the Class of 2018-2019 will graduate this November.

The nomination period for the 2020-2021 Program, which will commence in February 2020, is now open, with completed Nominations sought by Friday 1 November.

Please contact Future Focus Group General Manager Matt Gaffney for further information.

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