12.12.2019Enhancing charitable giving in Greater Melbourne

On 21 November, the Committee’s Not-for-Profit (NfP) Steering Committee met at JBWere, to discuss the key issue of charitable giving.

The Steering Committee is made up of a range of Committee for Melbourne members interested in ensuring that the NfP sector is supported for the benefit of the community.  They include Ardoch, NAB, Royal Flying Doctors, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, Melbourne Prize Trust, Deloitte, Victorian Planning Authority, Volunteering Victoria and Hall and Wilcox Lawyers.

The Committee for Melbourne has previously sought input from its members about the challenges being faced by the NfP sector. One of the critical tests facing all NfP entities is attracting funding.

At the meeting, the Committee for Melbourne tabled a draft report highlighting the importance of the charitable and NfP sector, the aforementioned challenge in attracting support and funding, as well as activities that could be undertaken to help overcome some of these perennial difficulties.

The Steering Committee agreed with the report’s analysis of the challenges being faced by the charitable sector in attracting funding and giving (like volunteering). These include a lack of trust in the sector, the fragmentation and proliferation of charitable organisations and their need to demonstrate and measure value. In circumstances where the costs of living for everyday Australians are rapidly increasing, such as housing and energy costs, it becomes progressively more difficult for charities to attract donations and bequests from the community. This heightens the reliance of the sector on philanthropic donations.

The Steering Committee agreed that more could be done to encourage donations from the community and large organisations. This includes building greater trust in the sector and improving the marketing of the sector.

The Committee for Melbourne undertook to incorporate the ideas and information provided at the meeting and to make the report available in 2020.

Thank you to Andrew Bird from JBWere for hosting an inciteful and productive event.

For more information about the NfP agenda, please contact Leanne Edwards or Brett Van Duppen.

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