20.08.2020Do you have an open mind to open talent?

The perfect storm of economic disruption, remote working en masse, technology advancements and skills gaps are bringing open talent models to the table.

Executive Search firm and long-time Committee for Melbourne member, Fisher Leadership, has been connecting on-demand executive talent with future ­facing organisations for nearly a decade.

What was traditionally called ‘interim’ and understood as ‘gap -filling ‘ is now a competitive solution bringing critical skills to the table at pace. With the mantra of ‘right talent, right table, right time’, Fisher Leadership’s Gig Executive business finds itself in high demand supporting individuals and organisations through COVID-19.

As coronavirus sweeps the world, it takes with it a workforce design stuck in the rigidity of the industrial age. Outcomes over hours, cognitive diversity over culture fit and adaptability over knowledgeability are some of the hallmarks of today’s new operating environment.

Renewed pressure to innovate leaves organisations finding it near impossible to maintain the breadth of talent needed on a permanent basis. Instead, many are turning to Gig Executive solutions.

Whether to upskill teams, pilot innovations, scale projects or advise the Executive, an open talent economy benefits business with cross-pollination of industry best-practice.

Gig Executive experts in fields such as cyber security, customer experience and data science give companies a competitive edge in a fast­ paced market.

HR leaders are mitigating the risk of key person dependency by canvassing “executive understudies” who can step into leadership roles in times of unexpected absence.

Manager Director, Michelle Loader, notes the simultaneous opportunity and challenge for today’s open talent economy, “While freelance and gig workers can be left vulnerable, I believe having executives who are working flexibly will change the dial for all. Undeniably, the way people want to work is changing. We partner with organisations to ensure they don’t get left behind.”

The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2022 alone, 75 million jobs will probably be displaced, while 133 million new ones will spring up that we don’t know about yet.

Access to adaptable, credentialed and immediately available executive talent will open the doors of opportunity as we respond to constant change.

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