20.07.2022D’Arcy Spiller’s internship got her a Mushroom record deal 

At our recent Annual Dinner, we were fortunate to have the incredible D’Arcy Spiller perform her hit song ‘Wildfire.’ We asked posthumous Melbourne Achiever Award Michael Gudinksi’s son, Matt Gudinski of Mushroom Group how D’Arcy was found, and the story is too good not to share!
In 2015, D’Arcy Spiller scored an internship with iconic Melbourne music institution Mushroom Group. A wide-eyed singer-songwriter, it became her key to the industry and a dream career.

Taking vocal lessons from the age of six, picking up a guitar a few years later, and beginning to write songs aged 12, she speaks of the lifelong compulsion as something she almost had no choice in.

Armed with an eclectic sonic palette, Spiller found herself at Mushroom in the throes of Australia’s thriving music scene. Before her year-long internship came to a close in early 2017, Spiller boldly circulated some demos around the office and perked important ears. Given the chance to perform for company executives and label heads, including the late Michael Gudinski and son Matt, Spiller made an impression. That year, she was taken on by Mushroom’s management division, and soon after inked deals with Mushroom’s 100s and 1000s label and Mushroom Music Publishing.

Spiller has since released two EPs​, Little Demons in 2020 and last year’s dark and tormented Disarray, which garnered international attention and saw single ‘Wolf Blood’ become the 6th most played song on ABC youth station triple j. The enchanting musician is set to continue rising, with her latest single ’Crave’ boldly marking a new era. Built to resonate with a post-pandemic world, the song is overflowing with the aching need to embrace personal change and gain a richer life experience. Watch the video for ‘Crave’ here. 


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