19.08.2021Charting a new economic course for Melbourne

The City of Melbourne (the City) will leave no stone unturned as it embarks on an ambitious campaign to help guide Melbourne towards a bright and prosperous future.

Developed in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the City’s economic development strategy – Melbourne’s Thriving Economic Future – aims to help reinvigorate Melbourne’s economy and vibrant cultural scene.

The strategy includes eight key priorities and 41 actions to be delivered over the short, medium and long-term. At its heart lies the need for all stakeholders to work collaboratively to help re-build a resilient, more inclusive, and more forward-looking city that adapts to the pandemic-induced disruption.

Committee for Melbourne contributed to the strategy, providing a detailed submission that addressed important issues relating to social and affordable housing, digital connectivity, transport, international education, the arts sector, Fishermans Bend and climate change.

The Committee’s submission was largely supportive of the draft strategy, with the City acknowledging the various recommendations made, including:

  • The need to collaborate with existing governmental bodies to attract private investment, and domestic and international visitors (pending changes to current border closure policies).
  • The need for a health and biotech innovation hub to be situated at the most appropriate location.
  • Potential advocacy for changes to the new land and property taxes announced as part of the 2021-22 Victorian State Budget.
  • Potential advocacy for an Australian emissions reduction target and the establishment of a Renewable Energy Industrial Precinct.
  • The need for greater focus on artificial intelligence as part of the proposed City Intelligence Hub.

View the City’s response to the Committee’s submission on page 27 here.

For more information on Committee for Melbourne’s policy agenda, contact Policy and Research Officer, Brett Van Duppen, at bvanduppen@melbourne.org.au

Read our submission

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