03.05.2021Call for a nationally consistent approach to post COVID recovery

Committees for our Cities and Regions call for a nationally consistent approach to post COVID recovery, supported by structural reforms

The Committees for Cities and Regions Australia and New-Zealand network renews its call for a consistent and collaborative approach across local, state and national jurisdictions to help our cities and regions return to the vibrant and safe places we have come to expect.

While Australia and New Zealand have done better than most in managing the COVID-19 health crisis, the pandemic has greatly tested our economic resilience and competitiveness.

Our trade exposed industries are particularly challenged. The international health crisis has severely curtailed critical export earners such as international education and the visitor economy. COVID-19 has deepened the geo-political instabilities and the tensions with Australia’s largest export destination, China. Jurisdictions must work together to diversify our international export markets.

COVID-19 has thrown into sharp focus the importance of structural reforms to underpin sustained economic recovery in priority physical and social infrastructure sectors. These include the creation of a renewable and circular economy, social and affordable housing, optimal population distribution and growth, skilled migration to support innovation and the economy, diversification of export markets and better coordination between cities and regions. These require investment and clear national policy settings.

Click below to read our list of 6 priority focus areas.

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