20.05.2021Benefits of spreading the spend in infrastructure

Australia is poised to spend record amounts on infrastructure, but there’s a problem. 90% of that spending is in transport.

Allens’ survey of industry leaders, Australia’s top economists and the private sector found that to rebalance the current infrastructure pipeline and bring the greatest benefits to all Australians, the government needs to ‘spread the spend’. That way, we can ensure we’re delivering the right infrastructure, in the right places, at the right time.

Part of this will be private and public collaboration, as outlined in Allens’ latest Insight. Private sector involvement yields better and more efficient outcomes and supports a more balanced pipeline.

Watch Allens’ latest video explaining why we need to spread the spend on infrastructure to benefit more Australians.

For more information contact Allens’ Head of Infrastructure, David Donnelly at david.donnelly@allens.com.au

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