03.03.2022Launch of Benchmarking Melbourne 2022 report

The Committee was proud to launch its inaugural Benchmarking Melbourne Report at the Future Melbourne Summit on Tuesday, 15 February 2022.

Commissioned by the Committee and JLL, The Business of Cities analysed independent data assessing the city’s performance against 19 peer cities.

As the first report of its kind for Melbourne, it provides a snapshot of how the city stacks up on the international stage, as well as analysis of where greater focus is necessary.

The report’s release is timely. As Melbourne emerges from the pandemic, we must consider the challenges before us and ensure that the foundations for ongoing prosperity and liveability are firmly in place.

Through reviewing more than 100 global benchmark studies published since June 2020, the report showed Melbourne performed most strongly in the following categories:

  • 3rd for our track record of providing exceptional experience across sporting and cultural events, while being known for our fashion and food
  • 6th for our reputation as a superb place to study, visit and gain employment
  • 7th for attracting skills and graduate talent across different industries
  • 7th for our access to quality healthcare, great lifestyle and reputation for public safety.

The data also revealed challenges requiring attention. None bigger is the need to service a city that is more dispersed than most, with the experience of Melburnians varying greatly depending on where one lives and works.

This ‘Tale of Two Cities’ highlights that to better service the city’s outer metropolitan suburbs, authorities will need to consider how these places perform. Improved transport connectivity, housing affordability and the integration of experiences across the whole of Greater Melbourne will be important.

Melbourne must also ensure its research strengths are matched by a capacity to commercialise new ideas. The translation from discovery to new products and services will create high-value jobs, attract investment, build influence and sustain economic growth.

The Committee and its members are committed to working with government, industry and the community to address the challenges and opportunities highlighted in the report to ensure a bright future for our great city.

We will be holding more forums in coming months to unpack this report further and look forward to sharing the research findings with you.

For further information, contact Leanne Edwards, Director, Policy & Research at ledwards@melbourne.org.au or Brett Van Duppen, Senior Policy and Research Officer at bvanduppen@melbourne.org.au

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