27.12.2016Arts and Culture Roundtable

At the Arts and Culture Roundtable December 2016, two reports were tabled which looked at ways of boosting Melbourne’s visitability and status as an Arts and Culture capital

The Melbourne Recital Centre’s paper highlighted the need to build strong visual and physical connectivity between the arts precincts and supporting amenities such as cafes and bars. Ideas suggested included: utilising street furniture, street art, and digital signage to market arts areas.

Arup’s report focused on identifying and developing bold and stimulating buildings and spaces to attract the next generation of creative innovators.

The Arts and Culture Roundtable will develop these ideas further in the New Year.

Global Indigenous Management representatives, Tina Waru and Alicia Matene gave a presentation to the group about the ‘Indigenous Runway’ project that is nurturing the next generation of young Indigenous artists. The project is an excellent example of an enterprising organisation doing innovative work to encourage entrepreneurship and opportunities for employment of Indigenous artists. It aligns well with one of the key aims of Victoria’s First Creative Industries Strategy 2016-2020.

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