17.03.2022Annual Member Survey on its way to you in April

Every year in April, we ask our members to take a few minutes, to help shape our advocacy agenda, through our annual Member Survey.

Committee for Melbourne member organisations are committed to a better future for Greater Melbourne and the survey assists the Committee’s Board of Directors to prioritise our strategic direction and shape our forums, communications and member working groups. Prepared in collaboration with our member Ipsos, members are asked to provide their thoughts on a number of key areas, to help us focus our efforts.

Our 2021 Survey highlighted the impact of COVID-19 on Melbourne’s future economy with a significant number of our members indicating a sobering 2 – 10-year forecast for economic recovery. How true this has turned out to be!

Members also highlighted a new focus on climate change and sustainability advocacy, and prioritised the need for the Committee to continue future focused advocacy for Arts and Culture, Transport, International Education, Visitor Economy, Innovation and Housing Affordability.

Melbourne’s ‘brand health’ had also become a new concern for our members and our Let’s Melbourne Again campaign was a subsequent collaboration by our members.

Ipsos also reviewed the findings of our 2021 survey against the mood and sentiment of Australians more broadly through their national research.

Last year’s survey results make for fascinating reading, as we look back on what we have achieved. So, when you receive the 2022 survey by email, please take the time to share your thoughts and help shape our priorities. We look forward to sharing the results with you in May.

See last year’s survey results

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