03.06.20212021 Annual Member Survey Results

Through collaboration with government, civic leaders and the broader community, our members strive to protect our community’s future prosperity. In our annual survey, we interview our members to help shape our advocacy agenda and to ensure their vision for the Committee is shared.

Thank you to our members for completing the survey and a special thank you to our Corporate member Ipsos, who helped manage the survey process.

The results have highlighted the impact of COVID-19 on Melbourne’s future economy with a significant number of our members indicating a sobering 2–10 year forecast for economic recovery.

COVID-19 has highlighted the need to be prepared for transformative events like global pandemics as well as other deeply disruptive forces like the Fourth Industrial Revolution, climate change and intense strategic competition between the world’s great powers.

Our members highlighted a new focus on climate change and sustainability advocacy and have also prioritised the need for the Committee to continue future focused advocacy for Arts and Culture, Transport, Innovation and Housing Affordability.

Melbourne’s ‘brand health’ has also become a rising concern for our members.

Continued work through our Road to Recovery taskforce was highlighted with a specific focus on more certainty about future restrictions, reduction of red tape, and technology investments. Paying particular attention to the Visitor Economy, and international students and education, was encouraged.

The results of the survey have been considered by our Board and are being factored into our strategic priorities and working groups for 2021/2022.

Ipsos surveys of Australians more broadly, (recorded before this latest lockdown we are experiencing in Victoria), reflects the sentiments in our membership survey. While there was a feeling of optimism (at 82% of respondents) about 2021 being a better year than 2020, this was not reflected in answers about the speed of economic recovery. Despite Australia’s relatively contained experience of COVID-19, we saw a greater level of pessimism from the public about our economy fully recovering in 2021 compared with the rest of the world: one in five (19%) Australians anticipated that the Australian economy will fully recover in 2021, compared to 32% globally.

Our work continues.

To discuss the survey findings or to become involved in our upcoming working groups, events and thought leadership, please contact us.

Read the survey summary here

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