Women’s Education Forum: impacts of COVID-19 on women

It has been observed that COVID-19 has affected women in professions more acutely than men. Whether it be women juggling the dual role of working from home and educating children or a critical spike in family violence incidents, the impacts of COVID-19 on women has been pervasive.

Join us and our panel of experts as we discuss the different facets of the pandemic and explore why women have been more susceptible to the effects of the pandemic.

Guest Speakers:

  • Kylee Bates | CEO, Ardoch
  • Teresa Catalano | Business Owner, IWills
  • Michael Cooney | General Manager of Public Affairs, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers
  • Dr Meru Sheel | Epidemiologist, ANU
  • Moderated by: Genevieve Peterson | National Gender Equity Advocate, The Salvation Army

Watch the event here

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