SkillsBank: Volunteering on the road to recovery

Our panel of experts to discusses an innovative, on-line opportunity for business and the NfP sector to access skilled volunteering services suited to these COVID-19 times.

AVI’s SkillsBank is Australia’s first dedicated online skilled volunteering platform.

With more than one million Australian professionals and their companies affected by COVID19, this service will be offered completely free of charge for the duration of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

AVI makes it easy for professionals to register their availability and expertise and for charities to find the skills they need.

SkillsBank is easy to use with the registration of a primary contact. Staff are then invited to enter their skills and time commitment on a database. Registered charities looking for these skills and time then contact the staff member for a match.

You will hear from guest speakers from business and the NfP sectors who will share their experience with corporate volunteering and how SkillsBank provides opportunities for your organisation to engage in volunteering with minimal fuss.

Guest speakers:

  • Paul Bird | CEO, AVI
  • Rosalie Wilkie | Partner, PwC
  • Leigh Simmonds | Manager External Relations, Pfizer Australia
From the panel:

About AVI

In close collaboration with the Australian government, Australian Volunteers International (AVI) has been a leader in international volunteering for over almost 70 years. In “normal” times, AVI is based in 29 countries around the world.

With 70 years enabling over 10 million days of skilled volunteering by Australians around the world, AVI has pivoted its expertise and systems to help companies affected by COVID-19 harness and develop the skills of its underutilised staff with a new online platform, SkillsBank.

Watch the event here

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