Scary numbers: COVID-19 and the role of data for comms professionals

This event was held on Wednesday, 10 November 2021

To what extent has COVID-19, with its Reff number, cases and exposure sites, normalised the use of data in everyday life? Even prior to the pandemic, as the world continued to go digital, the importance of data in providing the fuel for transformation, had increased immeasurably. But where do communications professionals, often comfortable with the mastery of words, sit in a sea of numbers?

Our guest speakers Inga Ting, Data Journalist,  ABC, Anthony Macali, Data Analyst and Founder, and Professor Phil Bolton, Partner in Data and AI, Deloitte Australia joined us for a discussion about the value of data in good communications, how COVID-19 has changed the way people see stats and ways comms professionals should be upskilling to provide strategic support to their organisations.

This event was supported by Sketch Group ( an award-winning visual consultancy based in Melbourne. They use sketching to tell stories, solve problems, explain ideas, and capture conversations. Download the sketch here.


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