Public Libraries: Digital Inclusion & Innovation

On Thursday, 2 September the Committee hosted a forum with our member Public Libraries Victoria, as part of the Victorian Government’s Digital Innovation Festival to explore the digital community within our libraries, and to strengthen collaboration and information sharing.

A selection of local libraries were given the opportunity to showcase their use of innovative IT and to provide examples of community and stakeholder engagement, outreach and partnerships. The event provided Victoria’s local libraries with a platform to connect with the broader community, to help make our libraries the best they can be.

Case studies from Moreland Libraries, Monash Libraries, Yarra Libraries, Melton City Libraries & Western BACE, and Yarra Plenty Regional Library, featured as part of the forum.

“As part of our COVID-19 Road to Recovery journey, Committee for Melbourne and its members have learnt that it is more important than ever to have a digitally connected and resilient community, and the role of our libraries in placemaking and digital connectivity has become critical”, said Martine Letts, CEO, Committee for Melbourne.

Angela Savage, CEO, Public Libraries Victoria said, “Public libraries play a crucial role in bridging the digital divide. As well as providing free access to wi-fi, computers and other devices, library staff provide training and support to help community members navigate our increasingly online lives.”

From the panel:

Watch the event on-demand here

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