Preparing for the Electric Vehicle Revolution

The Committee and Toyota are delighted to invite you to our forum on Preparing for the Electric Vehicle Revolution.

The Committee’s E-ROOM
Thursday, 29 July | 3.00pm – 5.00pm

Due to the current Melbourne lockdown, we have decided to move this event online. This means we can invite more attendees to join the discussion.

After years of promise, the world may have reached a tipping point in electric vehicle adoption. Global sales surpassed 2.3 million in 2020 – a four-fold increase in five years – with sustained growth anticipated for decades.

Driven by growing demand in China, Europe and the US, leading car manufacturers have been introducing new electric models with improved performance and range. Many will phase out the sale of combustion vehicles in the next decade.

The implications for Australia are immense. To become environmentally sustainable and remain prosperous, accelerating the electrification of road transport will be critical. Challenges surrounding charging infrastructure, green energy, affordability and taxation will need to be overcome.

Join us and Rupert Posner, System Lead, Sustainable Economies, ClimateWorks, Michael Elias, Senior Manager, Toyota, Mike Erskine, Executive Advisor, Risk and Assurance, GHD and Leanne Edwards, Director of Policy & Research, Committee for Melbourne, to discuss how Australia can increase its support for the innovation, manufacturing and deployment of electric vehicles under current and future policy landscapes.

Please note if you have already registered to attend this event, you will receive an email notification with the Zoom link.

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Committee for Melbourne and Toyota

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